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Flower Crowns

Perfect for Weddings, Bridal iShowers, Birthday’s, Festivals, Everyday!!!


Ribbon Curtains

Perfect for a backdrop, curtain, or just blowin’ in the wind!


Wind Catchers

Jean Pockets

Small $8, Medium $10, Large $15

Funky Flower Pots

Various sizes $5-$25

Garden Signs

These are hand painted and sealed for indoors or outdoors



Fairy Planter Signs

Gypsy Bookmarks



Custom Letters

Perfect for wedding/event decor, or as a house warming gift.

We love custom work, so if you have a theme in mind we’re up for the challenge! Contact to order, just tell us the theme and what letter(s) you’d like! 


Tic Tac Toe

Makes a great gift! Kids Love them! Each set comes with a hand painted board and 10 hand painted rock pieces (which come with their own travel bag) $15


Rock Art

Rock Art is sure to spice up your garden or any potted plant in your house

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